April 9, 2017


Maple BBQ Chicken with Brussell Sprouts & Green Apple; Roasted Carrot Fries

This was a good dish. But not on my top 5. Here’s why. One of things I am loving about Green Chef is that it is opening us up to new ideas, different techniques and foods we would normally not try.  This is a chicken breast.  I love chicken but we have cooked chicken 50 million different ways. So nothing new there. They wanted us to eat the shredded Brussels sprouts raw. I don’t know why, they taste horrible raw.  After I seared the chicken, I threw the Brussels in the pan and sautéed them for a minute or two. Then threw them in a bowl with the apple and dressing. So much better cooked than raw.  This dish was good but it’s been done before.  New shipment is coming in on Tuesday.

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