March 27, 2017


I admit I wasn’t feeling well when I got home and didn’t feel like making our chicken. So dinner ended up being Kraft Mac & Cheese. To give it a healthy kick, my husband chopped up parsnips, carrots and asparagus and baked them for us to have as a side dish.  These are yummy and we will be eating more like this. So healthy and yummy.  This weekend we are going to make “chips” for us to snack on at night when we get the munchies.

March 26, 2017

Persian Sole with Spinach, Pistachios & Cranberries; Turnip Rice

I never look forward to the fish dinners as I really don’t like fish.  But I’m willing to try it and hope I find one I like.  I was definitely looking forward to trying the turnip rice.  We’ve had cauliflower rice before but turnip rice was new.  Thankfully the turnip rice came already cut up.  It was very easy to make with oil and seasonings.  Later added in some coconut milk and simmer.  This was probably the easiest dinner we’ve made.  Throw the spinach in a bowl with nuts and cranberries.  Sprinkle on some seasoning to the fish and back.  The seasoning was sumac.  The dressing was for the salad and fish. My husband was not a fan of it at all.  I kinda liked it.  The dressing yes the fish not so much.  At first I was like this isn’t bad, then I took a bigger bite and boy oh boy was it fishy.  The rice and salad grew on me.  If it had a different seasonings we would have been all of it.  Later on, we were eating McDonalds.


March 25, 2017


Montreal Steak with Roasted Parsnips and Peppers with Veggie Gratin

This was a really good meal. The steak was yummy.  We have recently rediscovered parsnips, so we were excited to see how they were cooked.  The surprising factor in this meal was the rainbow chard. First time for me. My husband has cooked it before, but never turned out well. I think the almond bread crumbs really helped out.  Win, win all around and very satisfying.


March 20, 2017


chicken pineappleChicken Pibil with Cauliflower rice, jicama, baby spinach

This meal was delightful. It had everything that we love. It was husbands first time trying jicama. He is now a fan. My only wish was for the chicken to have a dipping sauce. It doesn’t matter how juicy a chicken is, I love to dip it into something especially hot sauce (Crystal). This recipe showed me a different way to cook cauliflower rice. I’ve sautéed it in a pan, but this had it baked. Very easy. I will be using this technique in the future.


March 19, 2017

Sesame Crusted Tuna with Snap peas, bok choy and cashews and mushrooms.

I forgot to take a picture of this.  Maybe I knew that this wasn’t going to be a dish for us.  Let me start with this, my husband loves fish and he loves almost all foods. We both have a dislike for mushrooms. Those were given away to my dad. I don’t like fish but I am willing to try it for the greater good. It really wasn’t bad and I think if we had other sides it would have been better. There was no seasoning for the fish and no dipping sauce, which it desperately needed.  So we gave away the mushrooms. We have never had bok choy before. Bok choy cooked in snap peas and carrots. Poor carrots, they never stood a chance against the smelly bok choy. Ugh, that stuff was disgusting. I ate my snap peas and some carrots. I ate some of my tuna with A-1. Half hour later, husband is making a trip to McDonalds.


Saturday March 18, 2017


BBQ Pork Meatloaf with Carrot fries and brussel sprout/cabbage slaw

Delicious!!  First meal from Green Chef and it was wonderful. First of all, never even considered ground pork. Now we have something to look for at the store.  This was so easy. Ground port, salt, oil and seasoning. Split in half, add bbq sauce on top and bake. Cut carrots, add seasoning and bake.  Downside, the brussel sprout and cabbage slaw.  This needed to be cooked. At least sauteed for a bit. Not raw. That was a no go. Everyone liked meatloaf and carrots.