March 28, 2017

chicken pineapple

Chicken Pineapple with green pepper on top of shredded carrots and cabbage.

Delicious!! I loved this.  I could eat this once a week.  It had a Chinese flair to it.  Kinda like sweet and sour.  The pineapple gave it just enough sweetness to not over power the dish.  Who would have thought shredded carrots and cabbage would be the “rice”.  You needed 2 pans for this, one for the chicken, pepper and pineapple sauce.  The other for the cashews, then onion and shredded carrots and cabbage.  In total it took about 45 minutes.  You could make this dish spicy but we toned it down since my mother in law was eating with us and she doesn’t like anything spicy.  I can see us making different versions of this dish.  Can you tell I’m excited about this one?? lol

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